The Center for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Technologies is the department that oversees renewable energy and energy efficiency training, research and policy advocacy initiatives.

We provide training courses in

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy Entrepreneurship

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Biogas Entrepreneurship

Bioenergy Entrepreneurship

Clean Cooking Entrepreneurship

Energy Audit and Energy Management

Electrical Wiring Technician Certificate Courses

We also conduct activities towards enhancing energy access in local communities through our renewable energy programs


the Center for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Technologies is the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Department of the Institute, that is focused on providing, research and training or youth, women and professionals in the energy space in Ghana and Africa.

The department handles everything relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency and provides skills training

The courses and programs includes hands on–practical skills training, with top notch facilitators, providing experiential learning for students in a serene environment.

Please navigate through our courses and programs and when you are interested kindly hit the register button and register.

You can also see our engagements at the community level helping communities get access to renewable energy technologies on our community website here:


Technical Training Courses

Solar Energy Entrepreneurship

Biogas Entrepreneurship

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management

Clean Cooking Skills Training

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