ISEES participated in the Global Ecovillages Network Summit and African General Assembly to contribute to the development of African Ecovillage Strategies for Sustainable Development. The African Ecovillage Network organizes its annual General assembly to discuss report of activities,

ISEES is a member of the Ghana and African Ecovillages Network and seeks to promote ecovillage development as models for sustainable Development. ISEES has established its learning Center for Ecovillages and Community Development to provide research, skills training and support for ecovillage development in Ghana from policy level through local capacity building efforts and establishment and promotion of demonstration projects in support for ecovillages development. ISEES also runs Ecovillage Design Education Courses in partnership with Gaia Education and GEN Education to build capacity of sustainability practitioners in Ghana and Africa.

ISEES is represented on the Ghana National Ecovillages Network Executive Council in helping to support the growth development and promotion of Ghana’s Ecovillage Development Process at National, Regional and local levels.