ISEES participated in various national civil society stakeholder workshops on Energy, Forestry and Agriculture to contribute to the review of Ghana’s Nationally Determined Contributions to Climate Change at the Miklin Hotel and zoom from 31st March 2021. The review meetings were organized by KASA Ghana and African Center for Energy Policy conveners of the CSOs platform on SDGs in Climate and Environment and Forestry respectively. The meetings have been funded by Tropenbos International and Green Livelihoods Alliance’s Working Landscapes Project.

Ghana in 2021 is reviewing its Nationally determined contributions to Climate Change as part of its obligations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. As part of this, the EPA coordinating this process is engaging both Government agencies, CSOs and Private Sector actors to contribute to the review process to ensure that the NDCs meet Ghana’s development agenda as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation goals.

ISEES participated in the workshops as part of its research,  policy and climate change divisions to be able to make meaningful contributions to Ghana’s NDCs.

Prioritizing clean cooking, sustainable energy for productive uses, bioenergy, mangroves and coastal restoration as part of the forest conservation process, improved woodlots, a national charcoal control board, improved biomass conversion technology promotion, integrating youth and gender sensitiveness in the NDC process, among others were significant inputs added to the draft document.

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