ISEES is partnering with the Community Development Unit of the La- Nkwantanan Municipal Assembly to promote access to renewable energy solutions for households and small enterprises in the district.

An orientation program was held with the staff of the community development Unit on the 12th of August 2016 to create awareness of the various renewable energy solutions and the business models through which the staff can use to help women groups, trade associations, and processing groups. These include palm kernel oil producers association, groundnut oil producers association, youth groups, women groups, hairdressers, garages, street food vendors, etc.

These are people who have need for energy solutions but do not have the capacity to secure the energy products and solutions that could meet their needs. ISEES will through the community development unit, create awareness and deploy the solutions to them using a rent to own and save to own models developed by ISEES.

ISEES sees this cooperation as significant since access to modern, affordable and reliable energy services and products is a precondition to development, however, people at the Bottom of the pyramid are unable to access these and still uses traditional crude technologies that affect their health and keeps them in perpetual poverty due to high energy expenditure.

ISEES is committed to improving the livelihoods people and the environment through promoting access to renewable energy technologies, environmental and sanitation solutions that will help people in rural and peri-urban areas live in a smoke-free, less energy expenditure and sustainable lifestyles.

ISEES, therefore, appeals to the community development units of all district assemblies to adopt the initiative of La- Nkwantanan District Assembly to help improve the lives of the people they serve