Awareness Creation at Queen of Peace Catholic Church Women Association in Madina

Access to affordable, efficient and reliable clean energy and energy efficient technologies is a pre-condition to development. To achieve this, the Technology Deployment and Marketing Unit of ISEES is undertaking awareness creation campaigns on clean energy technologies in women groups, churches and associations in the La-Nkwantanan District Assembly to bring clean energy technologies to the grassroots and promote access. This is to bring clean energy technologies to the households and institutions and to promote access in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Women groups in various churches in the La-Nkwantanan Municipal Assembly has been visited by the ISEES team, to educate them on the importance of clean energy and energy efficient technologies, behavioural change communication and the need to switch to clean technologies.
Solar lanterns, Improved Cookstoves, Energy Efficient LED Bulbs and Educational materials that provides information for members are shared.

To enhance access, ISEES provides opportunities for women associations to secure clean technologies through a affordable savings scheme or rent-to-own schemes. Women groups are able to start small savings to secure cookstoves, or solar lanterns and LED Bulbs for their IMG_20160803_095203households.

ISEES Technology Deployment team conducts periodic exhibition of products on site at meeting times of members to help women groups secure access to clean technologies.

This also creates employment for youth and sales enterpreneurs to be able to engage in distribution, awareness creation campaigns and promotion of clean technologies at the rural and peri-urban areas.

ISEES continues to look for partners to help scale up access to clean technologies for rural households, women groups and street food vendors.