Leadership & Management

Board of Directors

Dr Philip Acquah

Board Chairman
Dr. Acquah is a renowned Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Expert with over 20 years national and international expertise in Policy Advisory, Technical and Academic Expertise in Energy and Environmental Issues. He leads a dynamic team to help address sustainable development issues through the Institute’s initiatives

Dr. Noah Owusu-Takyi

Deputy Chairman
Dr. Noah Owusu-Takyi is an Agribusiness Enterpreneur with over 40 years expertise in developing professional farming in Ghana through training of youth in sustainable agriculture as well as managing academic programs in the technical and vocational skills whiles providing policy advisory services and initiatives for grassroots farmers development.

Dr. Mutala Mohammed

Board Secretary
Dr. Mutala Mohammed is an Environmental Engineer with 5 years of expertise in sustainable energy, research and project development. He has renowned expertise in energy and environmental research and community development

Mr. William Horsu

Board Financial Advisor
William is a financial advisor with expertise in Sustainable Energy Management, Chartered Accounting and Agribusiness. He provides renowned insight in developing financial modules and ensuring sustainable management of institutional financial programs and projects.

John Mark Addo

Senior Technical Officer, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Natural Resources Management
John Mark Addo is a Senior Technical Expert with high-level of intelligence and expertise in sustainable production and consumption. He has diverse skills in Renewable Energy, Solar PV design and Installation, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Management and provides technical advisory services to the Institute’s clients and projects.

Prince Nana Kow Essel

Program Officer, Renewable Energy
Prince is an experienced renewable energy expert with over 3 years expertise in developing innovative renewable energy solutions, business development, technical advisory in Solar PV, Ethanol, Biomass Energy and Business Advisory. He provides strategic support to ISEES Center for Sustainable Business Innovation and supports the development of Small Businesses in the Energy Access Value chain to grow their business ideas into Sustainable Businesses.

Theophilus Koranchie

Programs Officer, Community Development and Outreach
Theophilus is a Socio-Economist with over 3 years of experience in community development initiatives. He is involved in community-based research, needs assessment, project development as well as educational initiatives to help rural and peri-urban poor households realize their potential and develop solutions to help improve their livelihoods and environment.

Frederick Arko Larbi

Program Officer, Renewable Energy
Frederick is a Mechanical Engineer with 2 years expertise in Renewable Energy Technology Development, Design, and Deployment. He works with the team of staff in implementing innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies, including clean cookstoves design and development as well as providing IT solutions to the Institute and the Network of organisations the Institute supports.