The Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions’s primary objective is to train the next generation of sustainability professionals, technicians, and ethical leaders in various disciplines to drive progress in the green economy sector in Ghana and Globally.

Our professional, technical, managerial, and tertiary courses are designed with industry experts, academia and social scientists, and engineers using practical, pedagogical, moral, and ethical considerations to enable us to build holistic professionals who will be global sustainability leaders in engineering, renewable energy, environmental and business skills. 

Our approach towards teaching and learning is hands-on skill acquisition learned through practical sessions and providing opportunities for internships with our industry partners across major sectors of the economy. We consciously ensure international linkages to enable our students to have an international learning experience through international student exchange programs. 

ISEES runs professional, technical, and tertiary courses in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Environmental / Occupational Health and Safety Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Management, ICT courses, and Electrical and Electronics as well as Mechanical Engineering, Welding and Fabrication and Sustainable Fashion at both short certificate levels up to diploma levels.

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