Welcome to the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions

A transformational education focused on career-oriented professional, technical, ethical, and entrepreneurial skills development in the renewable energy, environment, water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, and natural resources management sectors.

ISEES’ education uses pragmatic approaches that combine industry expertise with in-depth transformational pedagogy through experiential learning that enhances the skills of middle to senior-level management staff, technicians, and professionals in the energy and environment sectors while making a significant impact in society.

Distance Education Options

ISEES Distance Education Programs are designed to provide flexibility for working professionals and people from other countries to participate in our highly structured distance learning courses and gain career-oriented and professional skills in the energy and environmental sectors.

Leadership, Governance and Management Training

ISEES also provides top-notch managerial, governance, and leadership skills training in sustainability to develop middle to senior-level management capacity in the environment, energy, sustainable agriculture, and natural resources management sectors.

Business Incubation

ISEES Industrial Placement and Entrepreneurship Incubation Programs also provide opportunities for swift employment for our trained graduates, improved workplace skills for our management trainees as well as develop the entrepreneurship capacities of graduates to help them start and manage effective business enterprises in the energy and environmental sectors.

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